We are keen to seek help from individuals and corporate or other bodies to help us promote and stimulate interest the game.

All the work at LGC is undertaken by volunteers but there are limits to what we can achieve.

We would love to expand the work we do and encourage the development of the game.

Here are some ways we think we can achieve this with your help:
Teaching sessions by visiting professional players
tournament sponsorship
expanding our teaching materials

Visiting Professionals

The strongest players are from China, Japan and Korea. There are no professional Go players in the UK.

From time to time it would enrich the game of Go in this country if it were possible to organise a training camp. The professional Go associations in these countries are quite receptive to requests for professionals to visit, often subsidising or waiving fees and costs.

European and American professionals have exhibited similar attitudes when attending LGC tournaments.

The sums of money required are not enormous and we try hard to generate funds internally. However, some external support would help us to expand these activities.

Tournament Sponsorship

We hold two major tournaments a year and several smaller tournaments. We aim to have a professional-in-residence at each of the major tournaments, providing advice and guidance.  Some support would enable us to further subsidise attendance for all categories of tournament.

Any support would be gratefully received and acknowledged as publicly as possible.

The big one would be sponsoring/underwriting LGC organising the annual European Go Congress which has not been in the UK since 1992 and London since 1966.

Teaching Materials

We produces video training material, some produced entirely by volunteer effort, some with paid for lecturers. All of which is made available free of charge to anybody.

We would like to manufacture give-away basic sets with a booklet guide for newcomers and the interested.

Financial support would enable us to deliver more.


Few direct benefits would accrue to any sponsor though all support would be both acknowledged and publicised.

The major benefit would accrue indirectly by what you would be enabling, particularly for young people.

All so-called mindsports improve  a range of cognitive and intellectual skills. We consider the unique and seemingly overlooked feature of Go arises from its handicapping system that makes losing an intrinsic part of the game, helping emotional growth. As Lee Sedol put it on losing to AlphaGo in 2016 “I am used to losing, I’ll just have to get stronger”

Not so much a benefit as an amelioration, LGC is a registered charity so all donations qualify for Gift Aid and can be offset against corporation tax.


If you want more information to help you consider these matters further please contact us.