5th Not The London Open

25th – 27th May 2024

This is a six round tournament rated EGF Class A with side events:
lightning Go

The top board in the main tournament will be played on a traditional Japanese goban with slate and shell stones and live streamed on our YouTube channel.

The professional-in-residence will be Stanisław Frejlak. He will be available for reviews, advice, etc. He will also give lectures and review the final game of the top board.
NTLO trophy The top group in the main tournament compete for the “Not The London Open” trophy.
Prizes include
Top group 1st prize £300
Below the bar 1st prize £100
Best single digit player kyu player £50
Best double digit player kyu player £30
Lightning 1st prize £50

Formal entry begins at midday on 25th May. However you can pre-register now (see below). You will pay the entry fee appropriate to the date you pre-registered.

There is no requirement to pay before 25th May. However in order to guarantee your place please read “pre-registration” carefully.


You can find out how to get to the tournament here.


There is no accommodation on site. However we do have a list of hotels and other accommodation many of which are within a 15 minute walk.


Saturday 25 12:00 – 13:30 Formal Registration
13:45 Opening Ceremony
14:00 Round 1
16:30 Round 2
19:30 Lecture
Sunday 26 10:30 Round 3
14:00 Round 4
17:00 Lecture
18:00 Lightning
Monday 27 10:00 Round 5
13:00 Round 6
17:00 Game Commentary
17:30 Closing Ceremony


If you are registered for the main tournament then there is no separate entry fee for the Lightning.

pre-registration full f/t student or concessions
under 18
 up to 1 April £35 £25 £15
up to 10th May
£40 £30 £20
 after 10th May £50 £40 £30
day rate £20 £15 £15
If you are not registered for the tournament: £10
BGA levy £5 if you are not a member of your national Go Association. (You can join BGA online). This non-member surcharge is waived if this is your first Go tournament within Europe.


If you have paid in advance then you are registered and we will assume you are playing in the first round  unless you have told us otherwise.

There is no obligation to pay in advance but please read “pre-registration” below.


You can pre-register now to join the participant queue. You will pay the entry fee associated with your date of pre-registration whenever you pay.

If the link doesn’t work or if you prefer, please just send an email to: londongocentre@gmail.com titled “NTLO 2024” with your grade, club and country (in which you play) and your EGF PIN.

You have an EGF PIN if you have previously entered a tournament in Europe.  If you do not know your EGF PIN you can find it here.

To guarantee your place you must pay in advance as detailed here.  If you cannot attend and if we can re-use your place you will get a full refund as soon as your place is taken.

In the unlikely event that we cancel the tournament all fees will be refunded within 48hrs of the announcement.


The participant list is here and is divided into two sections:
registered players
pre-registered players

Registered players have paid in advance and are guaranteed a place.

Pre-registered players are in a queue by date of pre-registration.

As soon as you choose to pay you are moved to the registered players section. Once the number of registered players reaches the tournament limit the pre-registered players list becomes a waiting list.

If you cannot see your name or would prefer us not to publish it please contact us and ask for the participant list to be updated.


The tournament is conducted according to adapted EGF rules and your participation implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules. A reference copy will be available during the tournament.

Komi 7½ points
Handicap (if required) McMahon difference – 1
Digital Timing (default) 70 minutes + 10 seconds/move (Fischer Time)
Analogue Timing (only if needed) 70 minutes main time then 20 moves in 5 minutes (Canadian Overtime).


Your initial McMahon score (MMS) determines who you will play in the first round. Your MMS will be set from your GoR as published on the EGF database at the date of the tournament.

If you do not have a GoR you might be required to provide other evidence of your strength.

If you do not think your GoR is accurate (for example, you are a quickly improving kyu player who hasn’t played in any recent tournaments) please email us with your preferred strength.


Prizes will be awarded to those that have participated in every round as follows:

1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Top group £300 £150 £75
Below the Bar £100 £50 £25
Best single digit kyu £50 £25 £10
Best double digit kyu £25 £15 £5
If you have not been awarded a prize in any other category:
six wins £25
five wins £20

Lightning Tournament: 1st £50, 2nd £25

Certificates will be awarded to all prize winners.


We have no intention to misuse your data. The only way we use your data is for Go related purposes. Please read our Data Usage and Protection Policy. It is a condition of entry that we can publish the details of the results. See also our Privacy Policy.