Entries for 4th Not The London Open

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4 registered and 1 pre-registered (8 January 2023)

Registered players have paid in advance and are guaranteed a place.

Pre-registered players are in a queue by date of pre-registration.

As soon as you choose to pay you are moved to the registered players list. Once the number of registered players reaches the tournament limit the pre-registered players list becomes a waiting list.

Registered by grade
Name Club Country Grade EGF PIN
Tianrui He Bristol UK 5 dan 20101521
Bruno Poltronieri Cambridge UK 4 dan 16086059
Francesco Chiarini LGC UK 8 kyu 17449245
Peter McLoughlin LGC UK 17 kyu 19786921


Pre-registered by date
Name Club Country Grade EGF PIN
Yaoling Yang Bristol UK 6 dan 19762732
Wai-Yi Chung UK 5 dan

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