We host the T Mark Hall reference collection along with other books donated or otherwise acquired

which in due course will be catalogued but it includes many works by John Fairbairn including:

There is also a complete set of Go World and extended series of other journals.

We also have a number of books available for loan free of charge to members. We will catalogue them here:

  • <21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki
  • 100 Tips for Amateur Players II – Youngsoon Yoon
  • Baduk, Made Fun and Easy – Chinyung Nam
  • Go for Beginners – Kaoru Iwamoto
  • Teach Yourself Go – Charles Matthews
  • Games of Go: A dozen fully commented games of Go – Neil Moffat
  • Go By Example: Correcting common mistakes in double digit kyu play – Neil Moffat
  • Jump Up, Level 1 – Yoo Chang-Hyuk
  • More Go By Example: Improving single-digit kyu play – Neil Moffat
  • The Second Book of Go – Richard Bozulich

All additions to the library gratefully received.