Introductory Material and Other Online Resources

Introductory Material

The American Go Association has produced a free introduction to the game (pdf).  It’s a 50 page guide which can be printed or downloaded for an e-reader. There’s also an online guide from Pandanet.

This is a fairly comprehensive tutorial site

Thanks to Paul Smith, of Cambridge Junior Chess & Go Club the British Go Association has a set of Introductory Problem Sheets

We  coach beginners, free-of-charge. Contact us for further details.

Online Video Resources

There are some good introductions on YouTube. Here are a few we liked:




Key Concepts

The Go board comes in a number of sizes: 19×19, 13×13 and 9×9. The 9×9 game is a good place to start

A 9×9 tutorial game – part 1

A 9×9 tutorial game – part 2

Shawn Ray has produced a complete introduction to the game.

Putting Go stones on a crowded board without disturbing the others can be tricky.  So here’s a video on how to pick and place a Go stone

Our YouTube Channel

Look at our You Tube channel for lectures and other video material we have produced.

Other Online Resources

Daniel Hu, 6D writes on Go theory

(1) How Alphazero has influenced Go strategy (pdf) here
(2) Approaches to static position analysis (pdf) here