Introductory Material

The American Go Association has produced a free introduction to the game. It’s a 50 page guide which can be printed or downloaded for an e-reader. There’s an online guide from Pandanet.

Thanks to Paul Smith, of Cambridge Junior Chess & Go Club the British Go Association has a set of Introductory Problem Sheets

There are some good introductions on YouTube. Here are a few we liked:




Key Concepts

The Go board comes in a number of sizes: 19×19, 13×13 and 9×9. The 9×9 game is a good place to start:

A 9×9 tutorial game – part 1

A 9×9 tutorial game – part 2

Our You Tube channel contains lectures and other material we have produced

We will also coach beginners, free-of-charge. Contact us for further details.