47th London Open Entries

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Entries for London Open 2020

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2 Registered and 6 Pre-registered from 3 countries (13 September 2020) including 0 private entries.

Registered players have paid in advance and are guaranteed a place.

Pre-registered players are in a queue by date of pre-registration.

As soon as you choose to pay you are moved to the registered players list.  Once the number of registered players reaches the tournament limit the pre-registered players list becomes a waiting  list. 

Registered by grade
Name Club Country Grade EGF PIN
Richard Mullens London City UK 7 kyu 10250163
Michael Eriksson Oxford City UK 20 kyu 19586820

Pre-registered by date of application
Name Club Country Grade EGF PIN
Rusanovska Nataliia Kyiv Ukraine 18 kyu 18333249
Rusanovska Dmytro Kyiv Ukraine 1 dan 15974046
Rusanovska Yevhen Kyiv Ukraine 3 kyu 15937042
Shanjun Xie Winchester UK 3 kyu 19413031
Rajiv Daxini Nottingham U UK 3 kyu 18286026
Xinyuan Wu China 3 dan

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